Hospital levy important for Dayton


The Columbia County health system is now in excellent shape, but we must pass the hospital technology levy if we are to sustain our quality of life here.

There are many excellent reasons to vote yes for the hospital levy -- provide better care, keep maximum Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements and provide safer and better protection for your personal health information. But the bottom line is we need this one-time levy to keep our excellent health system a viable and contributing part of the community.

One of the first things people look for when they are looking for a community as a place to live is the quality of the medical facilities. I know it was one of the factors my wife and I looked at when we discovered Dayton as a place to settle.

We liked what we saw and we still do. But to maintain this advantage, we must vote yes on this levy, so we can maintain this great system for generations in the future.

A yes vote means a positive vote for the best system available for years to come. Vote yes on the hospital technology levy on Feb. 9 to keep the Columbia County Health System on the leading edge of technology.

Craig George


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