Support urged for replacement levy


Residence of College Place will soon have the opportunity to vote on a four-year replacement levy. Some facts that you will read and/or hear about many times before you receive your ballots are:

This is a four-year replacement levy, not a new one -- current 2006 approved levy expires December 2010.

College Place has the lowest school district assessed valuation in Walla Walla County at $3.07 per $1,000.

The state gives "matching funds" called levy equalization to districts that pass an operation levy. College Place received $315,500 for the year 2008-09.

Most importantly, it is about maintaining a quality education program for our kids -- current levy amounted to 24.04 percent of the schools total revenue.

I encourage you to join me in supporting this replacement levy for all of the above facts, and because these children are our future leaders! Yes, we are in very difficult economic times, and many people will say, "We can't afford to pass this levy."

I say, "We can't afford not to pass it" and lose 24 percent of the district's revenues. I, as well as many others I'm sure, have questions about some of our spending in education. This being true, I am not willing to jeopardize the education of our students for the next four years while we try to bring about changes in educational spending.

Please don't let our children down! Vote yes for the replacement levy.

David Conklin
College Place


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