Time in prison shouldn't be easy


There is a lawsuit filed at this point that states denying inmates the right to vote is discrimination. They believe there are more minorities in prison now and as a member of a minority ethnic group they are being discriminated against because these individuals cannot vote.

What did these individuals expect when they received sentencing for their crimes and were sent to prison? I don't believe these persons could have thought they were going to the Sunday school picnic.

Prison is a punishment for a crime against society and another person or persons. After trial and sentencing they proceed to prison to "pay" for their crime by losing all privileges they would normally have were they able to remain in society.

Being punished for committing a crime by going to prison does not include continued privileges enjoyed by a person who is not in prison. I believe the sheriff in Arizona who runs his county jail has the right idea about how to make prison life very uncomfortable so the percentage rate of return criminals will be lower.

Making prison time very comfortable will not decrease costs of housing inmates, building larger prisons for more criminals or lower the repeat offender numbers. Besides there are going to be so many early release inmates "with a non-violent crime" sentence that many will be able to vote soon.

Can we be less liberal and try not to give criminals rights they should not have? If a criminal doesn't like prison then don't commit a crime to have to live there!

Roberta Hutchins
College Place


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