We must defeat the terrorists


This is in regard to the Union-Bulletin's opinion Jan. 3 about security changes in our airports following Abdulmutallab's attempt to blow up that trans-Atlantic flight over American soil on Christmas day.

I was in agreement with your "opinion" until you stated, "If we weren't spending ... billions of dollars (and endangering U.S. troops) fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan there would be enough money to equip every airport with these anti-terrorist devices."

First of all, aren't these terrorists who we want to catch at our airports the same terrorists we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? And didn't these terrorists declare war on us on 9/11; and prior hereto, didn't these same terrorists kill hundreds of U.S. Americans on the Cole, in our military barracks and our embassies overseas, not to even mention the hundreds of men, women and children those same terrorists killed in Russia, Spain, Great Britain and all over the world?

When we failed to retaliate prior to 9/11 did that make us safe? I submit to you that the best "anti-terrorist device" isn't some scanner in our airports but rather our war against these terrorists -- battling them in their own back yard; and the absolute safety for us is to defeat them!

Scanners are great but that is not going to change Islamic terrorists who believe that their God wants all infidels dead; and I further submit that their chance of getting that accomplished is a lot better if we were to lift our skirts and run back home, leaving them to their victory and uninterrupted plans for further attacks on Americans and our friends.

Further, if cost of the scanners is the issue -- I am sure Obama can just print more money or borrow it or perhaps reduce some of that TARP or stimulus money that has yet to produce a full-time job in the private sector or cancel the health-care or cap-and-trade bills. Perhaps we could even save the money spent on screening grandma and her grandchildren and devote that expenditure on screening the people who are killing us, i.e. Islamic terrorists. Like perhaps Abdulmutallab.

Jerry Votendahl
Walla Walla


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