Etcetera - 01/21/10


Black bow-festooned wreaths and black cloth armbands are in place as two of my family members mourn the culmination of bird hunting season. They started in October, but the fun stopped the other day. And that's why Emma the Gordon setter, normally a slap-happy bird dog, is forlorn. The other sad sack is my husband, who Emma refers to as "Dad."

In fact, "Dad" says Emma is counting the days, weeks and months until the season is on again. The two of them tromp over hills and through deep grass in pursuit of various winged creatures that would be good on a plate at home.

It's easy for them to carve out occasional time for this endeavor as my husband is the boss. And while waiting for any opportunity to head outdoors, Emma holds down the company forklift when she's at the "Dad's" shop.

If I say "good morning," I'm likely to be greeted by a straight-faced response from "Dad," such as, "Sure is nice. T-minus nine months and 10 days until hunting season starts."

What they bag ends up in soup, stew and stroganoff, so it's all good. "Dad" just has to make sure he separates Emma from the birds. She's been known to eat one when he didn't move fast enough. And just as the dust is settling, a work colleague who target shoots in his spare time, sent me home with a 2010 shooting catalog to whet "Dad's" appetite. Wheee.


Walla Walla High School students organized a Haiti relief effort. Jake Morgen, a Wa-Hi ASB leadership class participant, is helping organize a fundraising campaign to provide support for Haiti following the devastating 7.0 earthquake.

"My goal is to give Wa-Hi students and staff a practical way to help people in desperate need, and to act selflessly by giving what they can," Jake said in a Jan. 15 Walla Walla Public Schools Week in Review item online.

Wa-Hi teachers received envelopes to be used as collection points for staff and students. All donations will be sent directly to Unicef, which will send 100 percent of the money raised to for relief in Haiti.

"Even nickels and pennies add up," Jake said. " I appreciate all of your support in making the world a better place."

Collections will continue through Friday.

Money will also be collected during lunches.

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