Take my pennies, then vote for Valley Transit


Voting yes on Proposition 1 Feb. 9 is so much more than simply supporting Valley Transit bus services. Voting yes is a vote to support our local disabled and senior citizens who depend on Valley Transit’s Dial-A-Ride service.

Voting yes is a vote to support local businesses that count on employees and customers who rely on Valley Transit. Voting yes is a vote to support myriad Wa-Hi students who favor Valley Transit as their means of transportation to and from school.

Voting yes is a vote to support countless Walla Walla Community College students for whom Valley Transit is the only means of transportation as they access higher education in order to improve their future career prospects.

Voting yes is a vote to preserve the character of Walla Walla with its unique trolley-style transportation that enchants tourists (including my West Virginia relatives this last weekend).

If you object to the initiative, let me assure you that I deposit all of my pennies in the "take/give a penny" trays next to cash registers, and I invite you to use my pennies — one, two, three — instead of your own for every $10 you spend.

Join me in voting Yes for Valley Transit,

Susan Palmer
Walla Walla


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