Student doesn't want to lose programs


I am a fourth-grade student at Meadowbrook Intermediate School. I am writing to ask the residents of College Place to vote yes for our school levy on Feb. 9. If the levy doesn't pass College Place schools will not be able to offer music, P.E., library programs and advanced learning classes starting the beginning of 2011.

I love books and spend a lot of my free time as a library helper. I also like music and have a wonderful music teacher.

I am hoping to be in choir and band next year if the music program is still offered. I have been working hard this year on my grades because next year I might be accepted into the advanced learning program.

It makes me sad to think I might lose these things that I love to do.

Please vote yes on Feb. 9 and help College Place students have the same chances of learning as other students in our area.

Alex Zitterkopf
Walla Walla


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