Wa-Hi strokes to regular season-ending boys' swim-meet win over West Valley


YAKIMA — Wa-Hi defeated West Valley, 98-85, in a regular-season-ending Big Nine Conference swim meet at Lions Pool here Saturday.

The win gives the Blue Devils a 3-5 conference record and a 5-5 record for the season.

Wa-Hi won the 200 medley relay in 1:54.60, with Will Bergstrom, Merrick Calder, Jonathan Klem and Hazem Zater.

And Wa-Hi also placed second in the event with Paul Jones, Bret Reller, Jesse Anderson and Sawyer Neiffer.

Klem won two individual events for Wa-Hi, the 200 individual medley (2:13.30) and the 100 butterfly (59.99).

Wa-Hi’s first-place finishers also included Jones (500 freestyle, 6:16.63 for a new district qualifying time), Bergstrom (100 backstroke, 1:05.51) and Calder (100 backstroke, 1:06.85).

Wa-Hi’s second-place finishers included Michael Jones (200 freestyle) and Bergstrom (100 freestyle).

Wa-Hi also finished second in the 200 freestyle relay (Zater, Reller, Michael Jones and Neiffer) and second in the 400 freestyle relay (Klen, Calder, Michael Jones and Bergstrom).

The Blue Devils’ third-place finishers included Max Troin (200 freestyle; 100 backstroke), Josh Bumgarner (200 individual medley with a new district qualifying time of 2:39.03; 500 freestyle), Zater (50 freestyle, with a new district qualifying time of 26:22), Anderson (100 butterfly), Reller (100 freestyle), and Zach Staudenmaier (100 breaststroke).

"It’s a good way to end the season, with a win," Wa-Hi coach Brad Daly said. "We lost to West Valley last year.

"And we had three new district qualifiers," Daly said.

"We were shorthanded again," he said. Two of our better distance swimmers (Austin Garrett and Gabe Anderson) were sick. Then we had really good performances by people who stepped up and filled in.

"They were Paul Jones, Josh Bumgarner and Matt Wilwand who went 1-3-5 in the 500 freestyle. They rose to the challenge," Daly said.

"Since we were on the road, we started with a 13-point deficit from the diving events," he continued. "But on the first event, we took first and second in the 200 medley relay, which helped offset the diving deficit.

"By the third event, we had already made up the diving points," Daly said. "Then it was back and forth, and we came out on top.

"It was a good way to end," Daly said. "I’m happy with the results."

The Blue Devils swim next at the district meet at Central Washington University Friday and Saturday,

"We won’t know until Wednesday, but we will take approximately 12 swimmers to the event," Daly said.


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