Wa-Hi students arrested in unrelated incidents


WALLA WALLA — Three Walla Walla High School students were arrested Thursday morning in separate incidences, two of them drug related and the third on a weapons violations.

In one of the drug arrests, a father reported to sheriff’s deputies that while reading his son’s text messages he discovered information relating to a possible drug deal between his son and another student.

The father texted the other student and arranged to buy drugs from her. Then he called authorities to let them know about the transaction, according to a sheriff’s reported.

Deputies confronted and arrested the female student, 14, and confiscated six tablets of hydrocodone from her.

In another unrelated drug arrest the same morning, Wa-Hi security guards confiscated three bags of marijuana from a male student, 16.

Sheriff’s deputies confiscated less than 40 grams of marijuana and one smoking device from the student.

In the third unrelated incident that same morning, a male student, 14, was arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon, brass knuckles.

All three students were taken to the Walla Walla County Juvenile Justice Center.


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