LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - John Turner is clearly qualified to be sheriff


I read Steve Harris' letter in the June 28 issue of the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin supporting either Bill White or Jim Romine for Walla Walla County sheriff and, interestingly, only came away with a list of reasons to not vote for John Turner, the third candidate.

Unfortunately, the-anyone-but-this-one endorsement style doesn't quite convince me that "things must be going well at the Sheriff's Office."

Mr. Harris commented that, "Mr. Turner has lived in the Walla Walla area for less than 10 years. I do not think this is enough time to know the needs of Walla Walla County." Does Mr. Harris really think the public safety "needs" of Walla Walla County are so different and complex that 20 years of police work in Los Angeles couldn't possibly have prepared Mr. Turner for catching bad guys here?

Maybe I should resign from my position as band director for Walla Walla High School since I've only been here 8 years and my 13 years of experience prior to coming here couldn't possibly have prepared me for the "needs" of Walla Walla students!

Of course, I'm sure the complexity of being a county sheriff in the 21st century of an ever growing and changing community far surpasses that of being a band teacher, which is exactly why I poured over John Turner's website (johnturnerforsheriff.com) after reading Mr. Harris' letter.

Surely the red flags he cautioned about at length would pop up for me as well. Instead, I've never seen someone so qualified -- for anything!

I stopped reading after about 15 glowing testimonials on John's website. I counted 27 from people with titles like: LAPD SWAT squad leader; president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League; colonel--U. S. Army; captain, Criminal Investigation command Houston Police; Presiding Justice California Court of Appeals (ret); Special Agent FBI ... and on and on!

I think Mr. Turner is qualified! And yes I have read the information on Bill White and Jim Romine, which leads me to the true point of my letter.

Citizens of Walla Walla County, the election of the next sheriff of our county is up to us, the voters! So please, inform yourselves and vote! I just ask that you make your choice based on who you believe is the most qualified candidate overall and not simply the one who has lived here the longest.

Andrew Ueckert
Walla Walla


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