Believe it or not, summer has arrived in Walla Walla

June surpassed the average for rain but temperatures averaged about 2 degrees below normal.


WALLA WALLA -- Although it was a little hard to tell, summer officially arrived last month.

With the passage of the summer solstice on June 21, spring ended and, almost on cue, so did the rain.

Temperatures also began to resemble seasonal norms, although the average for the month still remained below average.

The month started wet and stayed that way right up to the start of summer. The heaviest downpour came on June 2 when slightly more than an inch of rain fell. There were 10 days with measurable precipitation, defined as .01 of an inch or greater, and the total for the month finished at 1.95 inches, .80 inches above normal.

June's rainfall boosted the total for the year to 9.87 inches, a mark 1.48 inches below normal. The total for the water year, which runs from October through September, now stands at 15.16 inches which is 3.32 inches below normal.

There were 20 days with zero or trace precipitation, including nine straight days immediately following the summer solstice. Along with dry skies, daytime highs also began to climb immediately after summer's start, going into the 80s and topping out at 90 degrees on June 28, the high mark for the month.

The coldest night came on June 18 when the mercury dropped to 44 degrees. Overall temperatures averaged about 2 degrees below normal, according to the National Weather Service.

The highest wind gust during the month was 33 mph measured on June 4 at Walla Walla Regional Airport.


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