PANORAMA - Sips of Summer



Keeping cool with open water and muddy slides into Bennington Lake, swimmers and boaters find relief from the summer heat.


Saige Luxton, 10, pours lemonade at her stand.


A hummingbird waits for a wasp to finish sipping at a feeder.


Saige Luxton, practices her gymnastic skills while waiting for her next lemonade customer.


After a long, cool wait, summer has finally arrived.

Climbing with the sun into clear blue skies to deliver 90-degree weather over the past few days, the dry season is upon us. With it, gardens grow and flower, and are visited by butterflies and bugs.

Lemonade stands blossom on street corners to offer respite for parched throats. Sometimes there will be gymnastics.

Wheat will ripen.

The green will turn to gold.

At long last, the thirst for summer will be quenched.


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