College Place woman accused of sending e-mails threatening to kill judges


WALLA WALLA - A College Place woman is accused of sending e-mails threatening to kill local judges and a state Supreme Court justice two years ago, as well as stalking her former boyfriend and stealing his identity.

Kathy A. Hendrickson, 48, of 1200 S.E. Broadway Ave., Apt. E, was charged Friday afternoon in Walla Walla County Superior Court with 14 felonies following an extensive, months-long investigation by College Place police.

Officials said Hendrickson sent a message to College Place Municipal Court Judge Richard Wernette on July 31, 2008, threatening his life through a bombing, and on Aug. 14 of that year, sent a similar message to county Superior Court Judge John Lohrmann and state Supreme Court Justice Debra Stephens.

The name of the person identified on the messages as having sent them, which were through a Yahoo account, was similar to that of a woman who was supervising Hendrickson's daughter at work, according to a police report prepared by Detective Roger Maidment and filed in court. Maidment said in an interview Monday that Hendrickson also worked with the supervisor at one time.

The messages were sent from a computer in the library at Walla Walla Community College where Hendrickson was a student. Maidment was able to determine it was she who allegedly sent the messages by linking various secondary e-mail accounts associated with her, placing surveillance on the WWCC computer, obtaining a search warrant, and acquiring information provided by Yahoo and other sources, his report says.

Charges relating to alleged crimes against Hendrickson's former boyfriend, Gregory J. Riordan, date back to 2005 after he reportedly tried to break off the relationship. Riordan - who lived in Irrigon, Ore., at the time, but since has moved out of state - reported that someone had been using his computer address to send threatening e-mails to various people he knows, according to the police report.

In 2007, a search warrant was served at Hendrickson's home at which information concerning personal records of Riordan allegedly was found.

Also during this period, Riordan's retirement check was redirected to an address in New York, someone arranged for the power to be turned off at his home and one of his online charge accounts was accessed and numerous orders sent out - all without his authorization, the police report says.

Hendrickson is charged with three counts each of cyberstalking, threatening to bomb or injure property, harassment and intimidating a public servant, in addition to one count each of stalking and second-degree identity theft - domestic violence crimes.

She hasn't been arrested, but is being summoned to court Aug. 16 for her first appearance on the charges.


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