LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Walla Walla has many angels


She stands at 5-foot-4 and is not physically strong, but her inner strength and her will to fight to survive, far outweighs any kind of physical strength.

She is holding a sign that reads, "Please -- need help -- Food or anything helps -- be an Angel."

At first she thought she would receive a bunch of mean and cruel comments from these strangers, but all she received was a lot of much needed kindness. She realizes there are an awful lot of angels in Walla Walla.

A woman sat down next to the lady and asked her, "Can I pray with you?" The lady by the tree replied, "Yes, please! And will you also pray for my husband to get the job he's been trying for?"

They both sat under the humble tree next to the busy intersection, and the woman said a really nice prayer. The same day a preacher from the east side of town helped this lady also, and offered to pray for her and her husband. The following week showed proof of the power of prayer -- the lady's husband was called for the job!

It has been a big challenge to survive this past year, and one day I humbled myself and asked my community for help the only way I felt was an option. Not only did I receive the help I needed, but I felt humanity again; I started to believe in people again.

I want to express my appreciation to all who helped me in my time of need. I also want to praise all the angels who helped me believe in humanity and the love for fellow man once again.

So when you are passing by, or if you happen to see this lady by the tree, smile at her; for she is not without a story or reason. Be careful if you are judging her, for you may need to pull the rafter out of your own eyes before plucking out the straw from hers.

Also, if you see this lady by the tree, or someone just like her -- remember, if you don't ask, you will never know.

The lady is grateful to all the angels who graciously and unselfishly gave to her (big or small), the loving people whom she met under that small humble tree.

Charlotte Mercado
Walla Walla


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