LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - What about disregard for immigration law?


The July 12th "Our Opinion" column was a reflection on the city of Walla Walla's fireworks ban and how the Editorial Board considered it a joke.

It read that on July 4 Walla Walla was like a "war zone" despite the city's ban on things that fly high or go boom.

It mentioned the countless acts of disregard for the law and the fact that police issued no citations despite numerous violations. It cited the violators' baseless defense of lack of knowledge that the fireworks were illegal.

The column pointed out all of those who bought the illegal fireworks knew exactly what they were doing. It quoted Officer Tim Bennett as saying, "There need to be some changes here," and added that having laws that aren't enforced sends a poor message.

Well duh!

Just for fun let's change a few words from the column shall we?

For example; changing "fireworks" to "illegal immigrants" and "Walla Walla" and "July 4" to "the United States" and "constantly," gives us an "Our Opinion" column which I believe would never be printed in this paper.

Like the violators of the fireworks law, illegal immigrants and politicians alike repeatedly thumb their noses at the laws of this country, while bleeding-heart bureaucrats and their constituents continually scorn those who dare attempt to enforce them.

Likewise, the violators of these laws also know exactly what they are doing. It is troubling that this paper would choose to express far more concern and outrage over the disobedience of a law controlling certain fireworks during a celebration of independence of the greatest nation in the free world, than it does over the disobedience of laws enacted to protect the security and borders of this very same nation.

The "war zone" has not hit Walla Walla yet, but be patient. If the justice department succeeds in squashing the new Arizona law, it is only a matter of time before our entire nation becomes a true "war zone."

Americans have had it, but meaningful immigration reform from this administration? Please!

There is no doubt that having laws that aren't enforced sends a poor message. Just ask Arizona.

But the real irony is in expressing outrage toward skyrockets and things that go boom during a time of national celebration, while choosing not to express the same level of outrage toward a blatant disregard for a purposeful national law.

Jeff Hayes


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