LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Timing of Brown story questioned


I'm writing this letter on behalf of Frank Brown. The article written about Mr. Brown in the U-B was not all correct.

I called our local hospitals to find out who should be called first when a person passes away. I was informed the coroner should be called first then the funeral home unless it was a homicide or murder.

If it was either one of those then the coroner is to call the police in.

I'm confused about why the story printed about Mr. Brown was not written sooner before the election. I finally met Mr. Brown and I learned a lot. I asked Mr. Brown how he could go to someone's home and accuse them of murdering their child. Mr. Brown informed me that the whole story wasn't told. My question is why not?

I also asked him if or when my mom passes away does there have to be an autopsy done and he said, "Not if there is proof that the person was ill and it showed that she has had these medical issues for a long time" by her medical records.

If I knew my mom wasn't ill I would prefer that Mr. Brown would be the one in charge of her autopsy. Mr. Brown should have never had all this garbage printed right before the election. It should have been printed long before when the problems first came up, not now.

When it is time to vote I will be writing in Frank Brown. I would also like to say I appreciate he shared with me the steps I need to take when the time has come. I also appreciate him being a caring person who shows his support to the families who lose a loved one.

Mary McCosh


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