LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Helping others is 'God's work'


I apologize for the error in my article on hypnotherapy as brought to my attention by Mary Koch's letter of July 16.

The origin of the word I intended to use is Greek, not Latin, and the correct spelling is therapeuo. According to eattheword.com the definition of therapeuo is: to wait upon menially, i.e. to adore God; to relieve (of disease): to cure, heal, worship. Searchgod'sword.com gives the definition as: 1. to serve, to service. 2. to heal, cure, restore to health

Anyone can do a Google search for further information on the word. There are many references to the fact that the word "therapeuo" was used in the New Testament and translated as "serve".

I believe anytime we are helping others in any manner we are doing "God's work" so I stand by my intent in using the word.

Mary Kay Pinnick
Walla Walla


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