Taser deployed after suspect tries to flee Walla Walla police


WALLA WALLA -- A Spokane-area man was arrested early this morning after being subdued by a Taser, officials said.

Clifford J. Corn, 27, of 2708 N. Smith St., in Spokane, was booked into Walla Walla County Jail on suspicion of having an outstanding Department of Corrections felony warrant.

Corn was at the Blue Mountain Casino, East Isaacs Avenue, about 2 a.m. today when he was approached by officers with the Walla Walla Police Department for the arrest.

Support was called in after Corn apparently tried to leave the establishment. As Corn tried to flee, according to a report, a Walla Walla County Sheriff's deputy who was assisting warned Corn about the Taser, then discharged the weapon. It struck Corn, who fell to the ground. Corn was then taken to jail by the Police Department.


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