$n$ LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Horizon has yet to explain?


I am disappointed in the recent coverage of the problems at the Walla Walla airport.

I have yet to see a response or comment from any representatives of Horizon Air or Alaska Air -- much less the Transportation Security Administration -- about why passengers were left behind, or why it took so long to get through security that day (or any day, for that matter).

It seems to me the U-B should have made sure to talk to someone from these entities, which play an important role in the problem, and then report on what they had to say.

I'm also not satisfied with "anecdotal" reports that it takes longer to go through security at the Walla Walla Airport than at, say, Sea-Tac or Pasco. Why not do some more digging and find out for certain?

As for the potential solutions mentioned in both the column and the news article, I can't think of anything worse than putting a big-screen television in the secured passenger waiting area! One can hardly get away from hearing other people's cell phone conversations; the last thing we need is to be bombarded by the bombast that would come from a big TV.

Coffee or tea service -- or even some vending machines -- might be some enticement to get into line more quickly.

Regardless, it just doesn't make sense to me that an airline would think it's good business to leave a bunch of passengers behind. I'm still waiting to hear from Horizon/Alaska's explanation for why that happened.

Jude Noland
Walla Walla


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