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As Hawaii becomes a state, sexy housewife Jaycee seethes like a caged predator. She is careless of her children, even pretty little Willa, who nearly dies after losing a leg to a shark.

Willa heals physically, but she does not speak or leave her bed for 18 years. When she does emerge, "Shark Girl" is thought to be a mystic and a healer. Her older sister, called Scat, has become a "devastation photographer," specializing in natural disasters. Scat tries to reunite with her sister, but Shark Girl is elusive.

No one is whole in award-winning Jaimee Wriston Colbert's novel of terrors hidden and all too obvious. As the story reaches from Hawaii to Maine, all kinds of "shark girls" surface, including Gracie, a gentle 21-year-old with a cruelly scarred face, who picks up Willa's trail.

From women battered and haunted to "throwaway kids," rock-and-roll burnouts, and quixotic quests, Colbert summons a world as volatile as Hawaii itself, with its cycles of volcanic destruction and slow repair.

"Shark Girls" is on the Reserve Shelf at Walla Walla Public Library.

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"Far Cry," by John Harvey

Ruth and Simon reluctantly agree to let their young teenage daughter, Heather, go off on a camping holiday in Cornwall with her best friend, Kelly, and her family.

While on a vacation of their own, they get the news that both girls have gone missing, Kelly is found alive. But after several days of searching, Heather's body is discovered in an old mine. Although the police detective leading the investigation harbors suspicions of foul play, the verdict is that the death was accidental.

The emotional strain of Heather's death ruins Ruth and Simon's marriage. After the divorce, Ruth moves from London to Cambridgeshire, where she remarries and has another child -- a daughter named Beatrice. But when Beatrice is close to the age Heather was when she died, she too mysteriously disappears.

Helen Walker, one of the officers involved in the investigation, travels to Cornwall to seek connections between Beatrice's disappearance and Heather's death. With the stakes impossibly high and time running out, Helen draws closer to their quarry while the truth seems to slip further into the distance.


"Making Money From Home," by Donna Partow

Would you like to earn money in your own home? How about starting with your very own business consultancy? Learn from Donna Partow, a 20-year home-based business owner and best-selling author.

She has created an extensive how-to guide for starting and maintaining a successful new business. Donna provides step-by-step instructions on determining what type of business is right for you, creating a business plan, identifying what legal issues to expect, mastering time management skills, using the Internet effectively and much more.

Starting your own business takes courage. Maintaining it takes hard work and good advice. With Partow's help, you can run a successful home-based business.

"Live a Little!", by Susan M Love, M.D. & Alice D. Domar, Ph.D.

Later to bed, munching on fries, makes a girl pretty, healthy and wise ... Yes, it's true -- more or less.


Women do need to eat healthier, exercise, get adequate sleep and take preventive health seriously, yet it's equally important for them to relax. Relax, take a breather and give up trying to follow the narrowly prescribed health "rules" that are constant sources of unhealthy stress and guilt.

In "Live a Little!", women finally get a long-overdue dose of realism about what's truly healthy and what's mostly hype. Susan Love and Alice Domar take on the health police, whose edicts make us feel terrible when we don't get eight hours of sleep or eat the daily maximum of veggies.

"Live a Little!" Shows you how to be healthy without driving yourself crazy.


"Mrs. Adams in Winter," by Michael O'Brien; "The Search for Fulfillment," by Susan Krauss Whitbourne; "Die Twice," by Andrew Grant; "Thirteen Days to Midnight," by Patrick Carman


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