All local grocery stores help out

As president of St. Vincent de Paul in Walla Walla I feel that some clarification may be needed concerning the article in last Sunday's edition of the U-B relating to various grocers' contributions to area food pantries.

The food bank that St. Vincent de Paul operates is a recipient of much of the food mentioned and given by Albertsons and Walmart. Being the largest food pantry in Walla Walla County, we greatly appreciate their act of charity in helping us to help those less fortunate in our community.

We also appreciate our other grocery partners in Walla Walla who quietly do what they can in helping us to help the needy. We often must purchase food from these stores to supplement requirements that often the government and BMAC do not have or have run out of.

This goes on all year, every year. Our ability to do this is enabled by use of funds generated by our retail operation and various donors to SVDP. The stores we buy from will always sell to us at sale or discounted prices as their way of helping out, which we appreciate.

We also receive bread and pastries every day of the year except Christmas from Plaza Safeway. This largesse has been going on for well over 20 years and continues today.

It also from time to time donates other food items, such as frozen food throughout the year. Other stores donate various items from time to time as they change out items, etc.

Our food operation also has the ability to store perishable food items where others may not. This is a major concern by many companies and thus dictates their corporate policies.

Independent operators also have policies similar in this concern.

To sum up my point, all of our grocery stores in Walla Walla contribute in their own way and in accordance with their policies to the welfare of our less fortunate of Walla Walla.

St. Vincent de Paul appreciates all of the stores for their help and ongoing support in our mission of helping us to help others.

Skip Lane, SVDP president

Walla Walla

Insurance mandate is troubling

Well here we go again facing Big Brother dictatorial control. I'm speaking of the way of our presidential administration tells us what we have to purchase or face a fine.

Telling the people they have to purchase Obamacare or face a heavy fine if they do not comply. Sounds like something Hitler did during his reign of terror.

So it goes for the people of Milton-Freewater as they are faced with having to purchase flood insurance or face a heavy fine. It was said at one of the local meetings on this flood insurance that it is mandatory. If the banks do not require the people to buy flood insurance that bank will face a fine of $25,000 per day if they do not comply. Doesn't that sound like dictatorial coercion to you?

I just hope the people that voted in the present administration aren't blinded again in November like they were the last time.

Irvin L. Powell


Write in Frank Brown for coroner

Frank Brown loves Walla Walla. He is very dedicated to his community. He has lived here his entire life and is the most experienced candidate running for election.

Frank has spent almost three decades working here in the medical community taking care of his neighbors and friends; he has also faithfully served you in the County Coroner's Office for most of the past 16 years. Frank also has experience working for the fire department where he responded to medical calls, fires, and accidents.

Frank's experience has prepared him for all types of situations, tragic or routine, and he knows what is expected in the coroner's job. Frank is an honest man, and chooses to do what is right, no matter how popular that decision may be.

Frank is also the most compassionate person I have ever met! Walla Walla County deserves a well qualified, experienced and compassionate coroner like Frank. If dignity and compassion are important to you - Frank is the answer.

Frank has always been the voice for the one who has died, representing them and their loved ones, and does everything he can within the law to help them, always with dignity. Don't you think that Walla Walla deserves the most qualified, experienced and compassionate person for county coroner? Especially one who has a background in the medical and forensic field? I certainly do!

It is important to write in Frank Brown if you wish to re-elect your compassionate coroner!

Vote smart - vote fair vote care - write in Frank Brown for Walla Walla County coroner. You will be glad that you did.

Claudia Degner

Canby, Ore.

Bill White is partner to education

Join me in supporting Bill White for Walla Walla County sheriff.

Bill is already an integral part of Walla Walla County law enforcement and is well respected among the members of his team. Bill has a demonstrated understanding of the needs of the county because he has worked for decades to build a program that meets those needs.

One aspect I admire about Bill's commitment and initiative is how he has created a steadfast relationship with area schools.

I teach social studies and lead students in a civics project called Project Citizen. Many times over the last 10 years my students have worked with the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office.

Frequently Bill White is the name tacked up on the bulletin board as one of the "go to" people. Bill has always worked with students in a respectful manner and treated them as citizens who have a bearing on their community, despite their young age.

Bill has been a partner to education countywide. He has been a firm supporter, and has helped to provide training opportunities for the Walla Walla County school resource officer. Having a campus cop among the deputies helps infuse schools with the expectation of good citizenship.

It helps students view law enforcement as a supportive resource and not just a punitive consequence. Bill has an established history of partnering with education, and he has my vote so that it

Donnetta Elsasser

Walla Walla

Democrat blame game failing

Barack Obama continues to blame former President Bush for the bad economy, among other things. I guess Obama figures that if he can focus the blame on Bush, then he, "The Anointed One", will look a lot better.

It's no surprise that Obama's yes people use the same disgusting tactic. Democrats running for re-election just might be out of work before too long.

But rather than being honest about the things causing the loss of trust from their constituents, they blame Bush for everything under the sun. They also blame Republicans for keeping food out of the mouths of children. They blame Republicans for supposedly wanting to take America back to the "dark days." They mock Sarah Palin and blame her for inciting the tea party folks with hateful rhetoric.

Barack Obama wanted the job of president. He promised he'd take America down a really good path. However, it's obvious to those who really pay attention that Obama isn't delivering anything that's really good for our dear country. Obama's agenda isn't popular with the majority of Americans.

But rather than manning up and admitting his mistakes, Obama just continues to arrogantly blame Bush. Well, this is Obama's watch now, not Bush's! Obama should stop looking for Bush's reflection in the mirror!

As for Congress … Obama's arrogant denial has infested Pelosi-wood. Nancy and Company wanted power. Now they have it. They love power. But they abuse power. They'd rather mock American citizens than listen to them. Obviously, they think power makes them invincible.

But they should take note that power without responsibility and restraint is vicious to its victims, yes, but often, much more so to those who wield it. It's no wonder that Americans are fed up. Election Day is apt to be very interesting! In the meantime, we can probably count on more blaming flaming arrows from the Oval Office and Congress. My message to both is best expressed by a wise, unknown author …

"If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month."

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla

What have we come to?

Today after a workout at the YMCA I was getting changed in the locker room when I overheard a gentleman loudly talking about a calf he lost to a black bear attack at his ranch. In the next breath he said how he would like to strap President Obama up next to the black bear. His friends laughed in agreement.

What have we come to in this country when people think this kind of talk, threatening a president and thinly veiled racism, is acceptable, especially in an institution like the YMCA whose core values are antithetical to such ideas?

Of course we should discuss and debate issues regarding the path our country takes. But it is high time we start to do so in a civilized manner. Shame on you sir.

Dan Gerard

Walla Walla

Support urged for Greenwood

I am writing in support of Richard Greenwood for the position of Walla Walla County coroner.

I have known Richard for a number of years as a businessman and a friend. I have seen his strong dedication to the community and caring support of those who are in need.

Because of his experiences and desire to protect others he will be proactive in educating the community in personal safety, traffic safety and basic first aid. He is also an advocate for the Every 15 Minute program. Richard will use the appropriate venues needed to support and educate us on these and many more safety issues.

I hope you will join me in voting for Richard as our next coroner.

Cynthia Huebsy


Reduce speed up Mill Creek

I would like to see feedback on this if anyone care's to.

The wife and I like to drive up Mill Creek to see the wildlife and cool down from the heat.

I feel the speed limit from Klicker's up Mill Creek is too fast, and would like to see if any way possible to have the speed limit reduced. We see so many deer trying to cross the road. This time of year the fawns are trying to keep up with their moms. We have seen so many road kills. It makes us sick. People driving up Mill Creek I'm sure have hit deer and not thought anything of it. It must have caused damage to their cars and trucks.

If anyone feels the same as we do let's see if we can get the speed reduced to 35 mph all the way to the Oregon line.

Jim Knapp

Walla Walla

Citizen engagement is healthy

It sounded like Mr. Phillips, in his letter of July 18, was pooh-poohing experience and fairness of, in his words, "good ol' boys." But these leaders have, in fact, served their community for many years with diligence and dedication.

Add to that his reference of a "gang up" on the coroner when they have brought what they believe are valid concerns to the forefront. This apparently is to indicate it is just a "good ol' boys" network attempting to direct election outcomes.

Does he know that when citizens or community responsible leaders discover or uncover issues and problems that indicate elected officials may not be performing their roles as designed, there are only two ways to confront it?

You either go through a lengthy, difficult recall process or you unelect that official.

It also seems rather odd, especially in this day when citizens have been crying for more open government, that he would then believe these long-term community leaders did not have any worthwhile, credible and important information to share.

While some may challenge the timing, it is clear people in those positions would probably not jeopardize their personal integrity when making statements about services provided to the community that may be being compromised in some fashion for their agencies.

A measurement of an elected official is not graded in just being a "very considerate, fair-minded" person, but should be reflected in their abilities to perform the essential functions and duties in appropriate, and when required, team-oriented ways for citizens they serve.

To recall the phrase "no man is an island" seems to fit in this scenario because of the need for interaction with both other government agencies and private institutions in the job functions. At the least, people have new information not otherwise known and can either make a straight judgment about it or ask further questions that could produce further insight and understanding. For me, I prefer more information rather than less as part of my election decision-making process.

While it is both healthy, and even critical, to have citizens actively engaged during election times by providing their views and opinion, it is also important to look deeper than just surface conversations being made by the candidates and elicit information from a broader base and see what exists behind the words.

Political campaigns are wrought with words aligned with ideas and even promises, but time can only show true outcomes after election.

Jay Winter

College Place


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