LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Excess money should be returned to taxpayers


Excess money should be returned to taxpayers

The Walla Walla School Board certainly has a difficult question to answer during its next meeting -- whether to spend the excess funds from the Edison School Project of $1.6 million on other district needs or refund the money to the voters by paying off the bonds faster

Even though the language of the bond contract states the School Board can use the money for other district needs, it sure didn't publicize this fact very well prior to the bond vote. It seems it was an ask and we will tell or don't ask and we won't tell policy.

Superintendent Rich Carter took the easy way out recommending the money be spent on other needed projects of the district. That's great, but he will not be around to answer questions from irate voters.

I realize the district has many wants and needs. But the fact is, the voters supported a bond issue to build a new Edison School. They did not vote at this time to address other district needs with this particular bond.

I congratulate the School Board in getting the Edison School built for less than actually thought. The savings should be returned to the voters.

Some School Board members might think that $1.6 million is not much, but to my way of thinking it's a sizable sum.

This would be a great time for the next superintendent to gain credibility instead of distrust from the voters. So I ask the School Board members to think long and hard about this and give the money back to the voters. If they don't, the fine citizens of Walla Walla will think long and hard about voting "yes" on future bond issues.

We have a great and caring School Board; the right decision here could pave the way for future district needs.

Richard Wylie

Walla Walla


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