Last seen last year: Walla Walla summer

Another day in June, another day of storms and cool weather.


WALLA WALLA -- Summer lovers are being left out in the rain.

Instead of donning shorts and short-sleeves, people were reaching for coats today as yet another round of rainstorms and cool weather rolled through.

Wednesday's all-day downpour dropped slightly more than an inch at Walla Walla Regional Airport, according to the National Weather Service. The steady rains left creeks and streams running full, but no flood watches were being posted for this area.

Although a short drying trend is expected today, more rainy weather is due tonight and tomorrow, said Doug Weber, a meteorologist at the NWS office in Pendleton. The forecast calls for an 80 percent chance of rain tonight and 70 percent Friday. Windy weather is also possible tomorrow with gusts as high as 32 mph.

"As far as the general summer weather pattern, we just haven't come into it yet," Weber said about the abnormal conditions. "All the dry weather is staying in the south."

Usually by now a ridge of high pressure would have built up over the region, allowing temperatures to heat up. But the area has been staying under a westerly flow which has sent in a succession of rainy, cool weather systems.

Since May 26, a total of 1.97 inches of rain has fallen in the Walla Walla area, according to the NWS. The bulk of that came on two days, the 1.02 inches which fell yesterday and .74 inches which fell last Thursday. During the same period last year, only zero or trace amounts had been recorded at the airport.

Normal summer weather should be settling in by "maybe mid-June," Weber said. But, for now, "it's a very unique (weather) pattern."

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