LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Support urged for women's memorial


This letter is in response of the article in the Sunday paper on May 30. I did not know how uninformed I was on the things that should mean a lot to the people of the United States.

I am over 50. Neither I nor anyone I called and asked about this even knew there was a women's veterans memorial. I support our service men and women and I think this memorial should be just as well known as the regular veterans memorial.

Maybe back in World War II women's role was more behind the lines duties, but still without our women we would not have done what we did. Now our women are also carrying weapons and their lives are just as much on the line as our men.

God bless all of them for their sacrifices. Now they are having difficulties keeping the memorial going.

Come on people step up help them out! All you Eagles, American Legionnaires and VFW members, let's get some fund raisers going. I intend to do all I can to help but I can't do it alone. Tell your senators, tell your representatives, pass the word, let's get this known, memorialize our women veterans as well as our men, they also fought for our freedom.

Talk to your bosses, ask if you do a fund raiser. The website, which by the way was not included in the article, is womensmemorial.org. This has information as to where the funds should go to. I may only feel this way due to the fact that I have two sons and a niece who served in the military as well as my mother-in-law. But I think all service men and women should have the support of all of us, both in life and in passing.

Please America, remember them because without them we would not be the free country they fought and gave their life for. Don't let them down. Give, give, give and pass this on to your neighbors. Get the media to spread the word about this memorial and keep the pressure on it.

Paula Montgomery


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