LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - No need for metric conversion in US


After World War II Australia, being closer to Asia, changed to the metric system. Let's hope we are not naive enough to fall for that.

The cost would be mind boggling, which the U.S. cannot afford at this time. Of course, to the Washington bureaucrats, money means nothing.

First all traffic speed signs, etc. would have to be changed. Also all gas pumps, and that is only the top of the iceberg. Then machine tools, measuring devices, scales, text books, etc. would have to be changed.

All items in stores now show the metric weight. Maybe it's the law and a sneaky way to phase in the metric system. Why? Some outdoor temperature signs are also in celcius.

Some folks can hardly wait until we are metric. Why? Some products even show the metric weight first. Even the kilo is starting to appear, yet folks don't know what a kilo is! Cars have metric size threads in case of export. Druggists use metric weights and camera lens are in metric. Isn't that enough?

What about "if it ain't broke don't fix it?"

David Jenkins


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