LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Put use of excess fund to a vote


Recently, several letters to the editor representing both sides of the issue have appeared in the Union-Bulletin concerning returning excess Edison bond funds to the taxpayers. It has been argued the district needs the money for other necessary improvements; but at the same time the idea was advanced the district may have inflated the original request by more than $5 million to be able to fund other projects.

A simple method available to the district's board of directors is to put the issue on the next ballot as an advisory vote and allow the public to voice its opinion at the ballot box concerning the use of these funds.

If the voters believe the money should be spent on capital improvements, the voter scan indicate so at the ballot. Likewise, if the voters want the $1.6 million returned by way of a reduced assessment, they can vote accordingly.

Ultimately, the school district board of directors will have to make the final decision but at least they will be guided by a valid advisory ballot survey of the voters.

This solution does not allow the citizens to have voter input for the $3.4 million state matching funds previously received for Edison School from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction that have already been spent on the new bus garage and plant facility complex. It does, however, give voters an opportunity to express their desire concerning the current issue surrounding the $1.6 million remaining construction funds.

Lynn Cummins
Walla Walla


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