In the minutes - WESTON COUNCIL


Members of the council are Bill Boyd, Chet Mills, and Dennis Snider. One seat is vacant. Mayor is Duane Thul. With all present Wednesday the council:

  • HEARING: Following a hearing where there was no public comment, adopted the 2010-2011 budget and passed a resolution to participate in state revenue sharing. The $1,005,287 general fund budget is more than the previous year because the mayor has moved forward to spend money for improvements that have been delayed. The budget includes $300,000 for city hall repairs. The budget also includes $715,053 in special funds, including streets and utilities. Unanimous.

  • PLANNING: Accepted resignation of Melissa McGill from the Planning Commission. Unanimous.

  • CONTRACT: Approved a new contract with Pacific Power for a new electrical panel at the city water tower. Unanimous. The new contract was required because the new panel which replaced one destroyed by an electrical surge three months ago has increased wattage, so it is considered a new service.

  • EMPLOYEES: Approved raising the cap on medical benefits for employees from $1,300 to $1,900. Also approved 6 percent raises for fulltime employees effective July 1. The city's two part time employees will be paid $11 an hour, and the part time city clerk will have hours increased to 80 hours a month. Also approved hiring Dennis Langford for temporary summer work. Unanimous for all.

  • FARMING: Approved farming contract with King Hay LLC at the treatment plant at Johnson Road. King Hay will seed cut, bale and sell alfalfa hay from the irrigation site. Unanimous. The city receives 40 percent of the sa les revenue, and will pay for seed and weed spray.

  • EQUIPMENT: Discussed seeking an exemption for the city's riding lawn mower to allow it to be driven on city streets

  • PIPE: Approved installation of a 6-inch water pipe and hydrant, along with a grit chamber and pump at the old treatment plant. The $4,538 cost of the pipe and hydrant will come from the city budget, and USDA grant funds will be used for the grit chamber and pump. Unanimous.


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