Knipe poised at Walla Walla golf tournament

Dick Knipe is in position to defend his legends title as he also shares the overall lead.


WALLA WALLA - Dick Knipe was in position to defend more than his legends title following Thursday's first round of the 50th annual Walla Walla Senior Invitational golf tournament at the Walla Walla Country Club.

Knipe, the former Spokane golfer who won last year's legends crown for players 75 years of age and older, had a share of the tournament's overall gross lead heading into today's second round of the 54-hole event.

Knipe shot a 3-over-par 75 on a somewhat soggy country club course and was deadlocked with Boise's Skip Pierce atop the 130-player field. Knipe and Pierce were just one shot in front of Vancouver, Wash., player Randy Jamison, who was alone in second place, and two in front of a quintet of players that included defending gross champion Jim O'Rourke of Spokane.

O'Rourke, formerly of Walla Walla, was logjammed with a pair of Walla Wallans, Bill Fleenor and Bill Herron, as well as Harrison Jewell of Edmonds, Wash., and Richard Pettibone of Kent, Wash., all in at 77. Another Walla Walla player, Larry Siegel, was all alone in ninth place at 78, just three shots off the pace.

Larry Mauer of Walla Walla was the second-flight gross leader with a 6-over 78, two shots in front of Bill Ashley of Anacortes, Wash., in an even 80, and four up on Bob McFarlin of Camas, Wash., who carded an 82.

Third-flight honors belonged to Gary Hutt of Puyallup, Wash., who shot 84 on a windy, mostly overcast day. Tacoma's Larry O'Neil was a stroke behind at 85 and Neil Jungeman of Vashon, Wash., and Rich Smith of Lakewood, Wash., were deadlocked for third place with identical 87s.

And in the fourth flight, Phil Stalcup of Bellevue, Wash., shot 89 and held a one-shot lead over East Wenatchee's Joe Murphy, who was alone in second with a 90. Jim Huntington of Vashon, Wash., was in third place with a 91, two back of the leader.

The overall net lead was shared by Puyallup's Hutt and Walla Walla's Mauer, who both recorded 68s after handicap. Mauer held the second-flight lead by two shots over Anacortes' Ashley and Camas' McFarlin. Hutt was a one-stroke leader over Tacoma's O'Neil and Vashon's Jungman.

In women's play that was held at Veterans Memorial Golf Course Thursday, defending gross champion Sue Chestnut of Walla Walla shot a 7-over 79 that was good for an eight-shot lead over Sandra Smith of Lakewood, Wash. Stacie Trigg of Vashon had the second-flight net lead with a 97, five shots ahead of Coleen Pettibone of Kent, Wash., who shot 103.

In net play, Trigg was the overall leader with a 67 while Smith and Chestnut shared top honors in the first flight with scores of 71.

The women's tournament concludes today at Memorial while men's play at the country club continues through Saturday.

Men's gross leaders

First Flight

75 - Dick Knipe, Walla Walla; Skip Pierce, Boise.

76 - Randy Jamison, Vancouver, Wash.

77 - Bill Fleenor, Walla Walla; Bill Herron, Walla Walla; Harrison Jewell, Edmonds, Wash.; Jim O'Rourke, Spokane; Richard Pettibone, Kent, Wash.

78 - Larry Siegel, Walla Walla.

79 - Bill Hartlehy, Lakewood, Wash.; Greg Kast, Bend, Ore.; Jim McCarthy, Walla Walla.

80 - Bart Harvey, Walla Walla.

81 - Mark Mochel, Yakima; Paul Maudslien, Seattle; Richard Musser, Lakewood, Wash.; ted Fluharty, Boise, Idaho.

82 - Brad Gunn, Bellevue, Wash.; Dave Uhlman, Yakima; Red Ralls, Aberdeen, Wash.

83 - Dennis Hudson, Lakewood, Wash.; Doug Werschkul, Tacoma; Gary Fulton, Lakewood, Wash.; Jim Michelson, Walla Walla.

Second Flight

78 - Larry Mauer, Walla Walla.

80 - Bill Ashley, Anacortes, Wash.

82 - Bob McFarlin, Camas, Wash.

83 - Dick Simon, Walla Walla; Jack Hubbard, Gig Harbor, Wash.

84 - Tom Huling, Seattle.

85 - Bill Fitchitt, Auburn, Wash.; Bruce Wildfang, Walla Walla; Frank Kelley, Lakewood, Wash.; Neal Kneip, Seattle; Steve Murray, Lake Oswego, Ore.; Terry Matthews, Yakima.

87 - Don Hamlin, Walla Walla; Gordon Swope, Lakewood, Wash.; John Collins, Lakewood, Wash.; Randy Dunn, Lakewood, Wash.; Terry Smestead, Walla Walla.

88 - Doug Toschi, Seattle.

89 - Chuck Halbert, Kent, Wash.; Gary Heinke, Wilsonville, Ore.

90 - Dave Bateman, Walla Walla; George Veighey, Walla Walla; Robert Lande, Vashon, Wash.

Third Flight

84 - Gary Hutt, Puyallup, Wash.

85 - Larry O'Neil, Tacoma.

87 - Neil Jungeman, Vashon, Wash.; Rich Smith, Lakewood, Wash.

88 - Ernie Laulainen, Woodland, Wash.

89 - Gary Bergevin, Walla Walla.

90 - Brad Rice, Walla Walla.

92 - David Jack, Vashon, Wash.; Dennis Lewis, Lakewood, Wash.; John DeGroen, Vashon, Wash.; Norm Lucarelli, Walla Walla.

93 - Gary Maestretti, Walla Walla; Paul Swortz, Lakewood, Wash.; Terry Bergevin, Walla Walla.

94 - Daryl Hossler, Washougal, Wash.; Dick Gray, Walla Walla; Don Rhodes, Olympia; Edward Shannon, Lakewood, Wash; Russ Vandennberg, Bellevue, Wash.; Sam Hunter, Lakewood, Wash.

95 - Jim Beard, Walla Walla; Roger Dillon, East Wenatchee.

96 - Dean Lodmell, Walla Walla; Fred Frey, Olympia; Stan Kwieciack, Olympia.

Fourth Flight

89 - Phil Stalcup, Bellevue.

90 - Joe Murphy, East Wenatchee.

91 - Jim Huntington, Vashon, Wash.

92 - Bill Brownfield, Walla Walla; John McKern, Walla Walla.

93 - John Wunder, Seattle; Michael Campbell, Lakewood, Wash.

94 - Alan Mendel, Vashon, Wash.

95 - Tom Bergevin, Walla Walla.

96 - Fred Ross, East Wenatchee; Robert Ritzhaupt, Vashon, Wash.

98 - George Ancich, Gig Harbor, Wash.; John Olson, Vashon, Wash.; Myron Schmerer, Walla Walla.

99 - Don Rostad, Edmonds, Wash.

100 - Henry Kerr, Des Moines, Wash.; Jake Bujacich, Gig Harbor, Wash.

101 - Red Golden, Walla Walla.

102 - Cliff Stenvall, Walla Walla; Dale Shoemaker, University Place, Wash.; Jim Long, Redmond, Wash.

103 - Peter Dempsey, University Place, Wash.

Men's net leaders

First Flight

69 - Randy Jamison, Vancouver, Wash.

70 - Dick Knipe, Walla Walla.

72 - Bart Harvey, Walla Walla; Bill Hartley, Lakewood, Wash.; Harrison Jewell, Edmonds, Wash.; Richard Musser, Lakewood, Wash.

73 - Bill Fleenor, Walla Walla; Brad Gunn, Bellevue, Wash.; Skip Pierce, Boise, Idaho.

74 - Bill Herron, Walla Walla; Dave Uhlman, Yakima; Dennis Hudson, Lakewood, Wash.; Jim O'Rourke, Spokane; Larry Siegel, Walla Walla; Mark Mochel, Yakima; Red Ralls, Aberdeen, Wash.

Second Flight

68 - Larry Mauer, Walla Walla.

70 - Bill Ashley, Anacortes; Bob McFarlin, Camas, Wash.

71 - Dick Simon, Walla Walla; Steve McMurray, Lake Oswego, Ore.

72 - Bruce Wildfang, Walla Walla; Neil Kneip, Seattle; Tom Huling, Seattle.

73 - Jack Hubbard, Gig Harbor, Wash.

74 - Bill Fitchitt, Auburn, Wash.; Frank Kelley, Lakewood, Wash.; Terry Smestead, Walla Walla.

Third Flight

68 - Gary Hutt, Puyallup, Wash.

69 - Larry O'Neil, Tacoma; Neil Jungeman, Vashon, Wash.

71 - Gary Bergevin, Walla Walla; Rich Smith, Lakewood, Wash.

73 - Ernie Laulainen, Woodland, Wash.

74 - Dennis Lewis, Lakewood, Wash.

75 - Brad Rice, Walla Walla; Terry Bergevin, Walla Walla.

Fourth Flight

69 - Joe Murphy, East Wenatchee; Phil Stalcup, Bellevue, Wash.; Robert Ritzhaupt, Vashon, Wash.

71 - Alan Mendel, Vashon, Wash.; Bill Brownfield, Walla Walla; Jim Huntington, Vashon, Wash.; John McKern, Walla Walla.

72 - Henry Kerr, Des Moines, Wash.

74 - Fred Ross, East Wenatchee; John Wunder, Seattle; Michael Campbell, Lakewood, Wash.

75 - Cliff Stenvall, Walla Walla; John Olson, Vashon; Tom Bergevin, Walla Walla.

Women's gross leaders

First Flight

79 - Sue Chestnut, Walla Walla.

87 - Sandra Smith, Lakewood, Wash.

89 - Carol Toschi, Seattle; Doris Rogers, Seattle.

Second Flight

97 - Stacie Trigg, Vashon, Wash.

103 - Coleen Pettibone, Kent, Wash.

104 - Jayne Shannon, Lakewood, Wash.

105 - Doris Hudson, Lakewood, Wash.

Women's net leaders

First Flight

71 - Sandra Smith, Lakewood, Wash.; Sue Chestnut, Walla Walla.

72 - Carol Toschi, Seattle.

74 - Doris Rogers, Seattle.

75 - Kathy Mauer, Walla Walla.

Second Flight

67 - Stacie Trigg, Vashon, Wash.

77 - Flora Wunder, Seattle.

78 - Barbara Musser, Lakewood, Wash.

80 - Doris Hudson, Lakewood, Wash.


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