LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Support urged for Coroner Frank Brown


I am thoroughly disgusted concerning the treatment of Frank Brown by the U-B and the "good ol' boys" who could not control or manipulate him.

Frank was tried and convicted on the front page June 8 without being able to defend himself. I dare anyone to investigate all the accusations, although it does not make any difference now, since Frank did not file for re-election. Why were the accusations from 2004 not dealt with until filing week 2010?

Why have the City Council and county commissioners kept issues with government kept under covers and away from public disclosure? Blackmail is conducted in this manner. The fact that so many jumped on the bandwagon tells me this was pure collusion to rid themselves of someone who was following state law and not bending to them, "the good ol' boys."

Although Frank is not perfect, he is of the highest moral character. I hope that the next coroner can do at least half the job Frank did with almost no budget and an old worn-out DARE van that would not pass a WSP inspection.

If all our elected officials would do their jobs like Frank performed his, this town and county would run like a fine-crafted watch. Write in Frank Brown when you receive your ballot.

Kevin A. Young
Walla Walla


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