LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Coroner Frank Brown is compassionate


On Oct. 12, 2008, our 54-year-old son collapsed and died right in front of us in our home.

Due to the suddenness of his death, Walla Walla County Coroner Frank Brown came and talked with us to try to determine if he had any prior symptoms or history. He determined through talking with us and taking a thorough history that an autopsy should be performed.

The autopsy confirmed he had died of a massive heart attack and there was literally nothing we could have done to save him. Frank came and thoroughly explained the results of the autopsy. We appreciated so much knowing the cause of his death as he had no prior symptoms and we would have wondered forever why he died.

Frank was compassionate, caring and a real comfort to us.

I find it hard to believe one person can be responsible to do the job he does. Maybe someone thinks he investigates too many deaths, but if it is your loved one you will surely appreciate his care and concern.

Beverly Shortridge
Walla Walla


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