In the minutes - Waitsburg Council


Council members are Kevin House, Orville Branson, Marty Dunn, Karl Newell and Scott Nettles. Mayor is Walt Gobel. With all present Wednesday the council:

  • STREET PLAN: Following a public hearing on proposed 6-year transportation improvement plan, passed a resolution to adopt the plan. Unanimous.
  • SEVENTH STREET: Passed a resolution to select consultant for the Seventh Street improvement project. Anderson Perry & Associates was hired. Unanimous.
  • WATER: Passed resolution concerning water efficiency goals. Unanimous.
  • WAITS MILL: Approved payment of $9,612 for Phase 2 clean-up of the Waits Mill site. Approved payment of $3,240 for a portion of Phase 1, but delayed payment on an additional claim. Unanimous for all. The contractor seeks compensation for loss of salvage because the railroad spur may belong to the Port of Columbia.

  • WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: Discussed weight restrictions ordinance. Decided to ask the city attorney to simplify it in a revision.


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