LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Write in Frank Brown in November


This letter is in response to the "Our Opinion" column in the June 15 Union-Bulletin. We find it appalling the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin would allow its employees to pass judgment on Frank Brown and demand his resignation.

Interesting how the U-B includes only portions of the RCW pertaining to a coroner. Typical media stunt.

Suppose Frank Brown does as you suggest and only investigates certain deaths throughout the county. Then what? We suppose you'll complain he is not fulfilling his responsibilities and duties. By your standards, it seems like Frank can't do anything right.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the coroner supposed to sign the death certificate? Wouldn't that require him to investigate the cause of death of each individual who dies within the county?

Our county coroner handles over 600 deaths a year by himself! No wonder he is up to his eyeballs in paperwork and other tasks. And then our other top city and county officials demand he produce reports more quickly? How about an assistant or two for our coroner? Other coroners in the state have a much smaller work load and are paid much more than our coroner.

Here's an idea, let's have our police chief and sheriff handle all of the arrests, traffic tickets and warrants within their jurisdictions by themselves. Let's have our fire chief handle all of the fires and EMS calls within his jurisdiction by himself. Doesn't make much sense does it? Yet this is how our community leaders are treating our coroner. What an embarrassment.

My family and I have known Frank and his family for over 22 years. Frank is an outstanding individual. He has a good work ethic, good moral values and is a good person who has done an outstanding job for this county. Now everybody seems to be jumping on the band-wagon and criticizing him. The politicians and community leaders should make a step up and show our coroner some appreciation for his work.

What this is really about is politics and the upcoming election. Join us and countless others in November who are going to write in Frank Brown for county coroner.

We considered canceling our U-B subscription because of the cheap comments toward Frank Brown. However, upon further consideration, we have decided to keep our subscription so we can read more foolish statements by the U-B and its staff regarding this situation.

Bob Radke
Walla Walla


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