On the agenda - Port of Walla Walla


When: Thursday 6 p.m. following a 5 p.m. work session.

Where: Regular session at the Port of Walla Walla office, 310 A St.; work session at El Sombrero, 428 Ash St.

  • Lease Agreement: Consider a revised lease agreement with Reiff Manufacturing for a new building.
  • Isaacs Business Park: Receive a drainage update on the Port's Isaacs Business Park.
  • Airport restaurant: Receive an update on plans for Dominick's on the Runway.
  • Fiber optics: Receive an update on plans for fiber optics in the Innovation Partnership Zone.
  • Lease agreement: Consider an agreement with Modular Food Systems.
  • Grant agreement: Consider authorizing Port staff to enter into an agreement for a Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program grant.
  • Correspondence and reports: Review leases entered into by administrative staff, the airport's income and expense statement and wheat conditions for the Port property known as the Olson Farm.


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