PANORAMA - Pastime for all times



Between innings and runs the new scoreboard off left field has a human element to its basic frame of game information.


Fingers full of cotton candy sweetens a Sweets game


Sweet Lou falls behind in the race to third base.


A youngster gives the Sweets a big hand.


Rain fails to dampen the commitment of fans to the fledgeling, first-year baseball team.


Scotty Cummins delivers the first pitch – an onion.


Showing good hand-eye coordination, fans field flying T-shirts tossed into the bleachers.

More than one-and-a-half centuries ago journalists back east began referring to baseball as the "National Pastime."

Of course the nation didn't include as many states in the 1850s as it does today.

Over the years the title has stuck, and so have a few other traditions along the way, like hot dogs, the Seventh Inning Stretch and the chorus to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

Here in Walla Walla, some of those national pastime traditions have taken on a local flair, as the fledgling Walla Wall Sweets Baseball franchise kicks off its first season.

Take the opening pitch, for instance.

Here in Walla Walla they like to throw out the first onion at Sweets games. And along with the dollar beers - which are available whenever the leadoff batter for the fifth inning strikes out - you can also get a pour of local wines. But probably not for a buck.

Two other pastimes at the park that are quickly becoming regular crowd pleasers include the trivia questions and mascot Sweet Lou's Beat Me at the Diamond race.

There are also a variety of sponsored events that include a t-shirt throw, Monkey Toss and Wildhorse Race.

And if you are not that into all those extra pastimes, you can always just sit back and be a fan and root, root, root for the home team at the old and sometime new ball game.


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