Hero helps those in need day or night


I have a hero.

He leaves our home at different times of the day and night, anytime there is a call. Sometimes it may be during a family picnic -- we all hear the pager go off.

Sometimes it is just he and I awakening in the night to the call of some person in desperate need.

He'll meet up with other men and women who work regular jobs then train weekly to gain the knowledge to help anyone who may need it -- anytime.

There is a great deal of comfort to be had knowing that anytime my family members are hurt or hurting, there are groups of our neighbors trained to help that will be here in minutes.

They will be able to help deliver a baby, stabilize a broken limb or help my darling mother who is nearly 80.

All these volunteers are regular people working jobs, paying mortgages, buying cars locally, and helping out at the pizza booth at the Fair

Yes, I don't have to look in the news to find a hero.

He is right across the breakfast table.

Ann Yenney Caulk
Walla Walla


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