Harmonics might be Toyota's problem


Though this letter has no bearing on politics, religion or local business, I hope you will print it.

I have long admired the mechanical quality of Toyota products. Now as I watch the news I have great empathy for those who have unintended acceleration or braking problems that affect their lives.

I am not an engineer, electronics or computer specialist, but some personal experiences in my life tells me I may know where to look for an answer. I just have no way to tell the right people, so I hope this letter will be seen by someone who may call or e-mail the proper folks with Toyota Co. and pass this along.

I believe the company engineers should look for unshielded paths between manual controls, sensor and the computer.

Let us call the culprits (Transient spurious harmonics). These harmonics may or may not be generated within the vehicle. They could simply be from a wrong device operating within range of the car. These things include, but may not be limited to, CB radio, cell phones or repeaters, radar or even a parallel power line. Anything that can emit electromagnetic radiation.

If the computer senses an input signal and mistakes it for a legitimate input from driver or a sensor, it will respond with an output signal to open the throttle and have no reason to display history of malfunction to be found by a service technician.

If I am wrong they will know instantly, if they think I could be right they will be working to check it out quickly, and a life might be saved.

Dale Davis
Walla Walla


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