LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - How about federal grant for WW infrastructure?


Much is being said about our infrastructure and I do not doubt one bit of the problems. We can see the street deterioration. The underground that we don't see is no less a problem. We are losing 25 percent of our water.

The Obama stimulus package includes such infrastructure. Would somebody at City Hall apply for such a multi-million dollar grant? Other cities are benefiting from these billions of dollars, why not Walla Walla? Minneapolis is subsidized by the Obama stimulus.

In the 1930s FDR's New Deal brought enormous help to Walla Walla. The WPA built the bridge across Ninth Avenue, the sewage plant, the Mill Creek canal through Walla Walla and miles of water and sewage lines that are now leaking and need replacement. This was 75 years ago.

I don't want to hear about another bond.

We do need water and sewage. It seems to me that this would be the right time for our new city manager to show his stuff -- get a multi-million dollar grant for infrastructure.

Ralph Miller
Walla Walla


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