LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Play at WWCC well worth seeing


Take note, Walla Walla. We have a treasure in our midst! I speak of the Walla Walla Community College's Theater Department.

Once again, Kevin Loomer (director) and his students/actors present us with an evening of theater entertainment that would rival anything seen in the "big city".

This time, the presentation is "The Women of Lockerbie." The setting is, as the title explains, Lockerbie, Scotland, seven years after the terrorist bombing of Pan Am flight 103.

We, the audience, are invited into the raw grief experienced by an American couple, played masterfully by Deva Parrish and Miles McGee, who have returned to Scotland to mark the anniversary of the bombing.

There they meet the women of Lockerbie. Of note is Dyani Turner as a Scottish woman with trials of her own. Dyani gives some of the most strikingly real moments in the show.

Loomer, as well as directing the show, lends his vast talent to the set itself. Dark, hard rocks line the flowing river on stage, and become a character themselves. The starkness of the stage truly enhances the bitter and joyful emotions shown by the cast.

I encourage everyone to support the WWCC Theater Department and treat yourself to an evening in Lockerbie.

The show runs March 11-13 at 7 p.m. and March 14 at 2 p.m.. I promise you will enjoy these powerful, talented college students.

Dianne Martin
College Place


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