In the minutes - Weston Council


Members of the council are Bill Boyd, Chet Mills, and Dennis Snider. One seat is vacant. Mayor is Duane Thul. With all present Wednesday the council:

  • PUBLIC WORKS: Heard report on water pump failure in the early morning hours of Feb. 26. The low reservoir required the city to utilize the back-up water supply from Smith Frozen Foods. A new pump was installed and operable March 1.eard
  • STREETS: Awarded bid for Bannister/Water Street reconstruction to low bidder Humbert Asphalt. Humbert's $104,961 bid was the lowest of seven submitted. the highest bid was 142,803. Unanimous.
  • BAD ROCK: Approved use of S. Franklin and S. Broad streets for the Bad Rock Reunion Trail Ride June 25. Unanimous.
  • PEDESTRIANS: Adopted planning ordinance revision related to pedestrian facilities. The revision addresses materials that can be used in sidewalks. Unanimous.
  • BUDGET COMMITTEE: Appointed Don Jackson to a 3-year term on the budget committee. Jackson was the only applicant. He recently completed a term on the committee.
  • WORKSHOP: Approved the city recorder's attendance at workshop on public records, management and retention March 30 in Pendleton. Unanimous.
  • GRANT WRITING: Passed resolution to pursue consolidation of grant writing services in Region 7 of Oregon. Unanimous.
  • EGG HUNT: Approved donating $350 to April 4 Easter Egg Hunt. Unanimous.
  • EMPLOYEE TIME: Tabled review of policy for comp time/flex time for city employees. Also tabled consideration of paying overtime or hiring pat-time help for public works. Will discuss both issues during a workshop March 25 at 5 p.m. in City Hall.


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