LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Getting word out on Census makes sense


I want to congratulate Mark Driver on his recent letter to the editor and his Olympic effort leaping a chasm of logic.

The government sent him a notice of the census, which, reading between the lines, he appears to think superfluous. How does that prove our government will mishandle health care?

I know Mark to be an intelligent man; he pays attention and will recognize the U.S. Census form in his mailbox. Without some publicity and notice, others might not know the consequences or need to return their census.

People need to be reminded of things on an average of three times, in different formats to ensure an important message is delivered. Since our government, (we the people), own a delivery system, mailing a letter seems a good choice.

That being said, if he feels the procedures for taking census needs revamping, offer specific suggestions. If his complaint was simply that he thinks the notification was wasteful spending and overkill, state that as an opinion.

We all want minimal government, but government has its necessary function. We demand government when we hit a pothole, become the victim of a crime, want education. We expect government protection when pandemics occur, terrorists threaten us, food poisons us and Toyota takes us for an unintended ride

As to health care, count me among the people who want health-care reform, among the people who appreciate the leadership of Barack Obama in advocating for health-care reform, and among the people who know that health-care reform has the potential to reduce our deficit and improve our quality of life.

Joy Smith


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