Strategies vary for trees, pests


MILTON-FREEWATER -- According to Oregon State University Extension Service, the following are the advised strategies for controlling pests in apples, pears or cherry trees:

  • Control of codling moth larvae in apple and pear trees
  • Apply pesticide sprays starting 10 days after petal fall and continuing every 10-14 days until harvest (at least 3-5 sprays per season are necessary).
  • Periodically scout, pick and destroy all infested fruit on the tree.
  • Early in the season, bag all fruit on the tree.
  • Remove all fruit from the trees.
  • Control of apple maggots and in apple, pear and hawthorn trees
  • Pesticide sprays starting early July and continuing every 10-14 days until harvest (3-4 sprays/year).
  • Periodically scouting, picking and destroying of all infested fruit on the tree
  • Trapping adult flies with sticky traps or red spheres.
  • Control of western cherry fruit fly in cherry trees
  • Pesticide sprays targeting adult flies starting late May and continuing every 7 days until harvest (5-6 sprays per year).
  • Trapping adult flies with sticky traps.
  • Removing all fruit from the trees.

Clive Kaiser, OSU extension agent, said that homeowners who do not have the equipment to apply pesticides should hire a reputable pest control spray service. People should also keep in mind the rules and regulations for pesticides can change frequently and chemicals must be applied according to the label instructions.

In addition, spraying trees, and picking fruit, will be made much easier if the tree is kept short enough to avoid the use of a ladder (as most orchardists do to reduce labor costs), Kaiser said.

The latest information on pesticide application rules in Oregon are available from the OSU Extension Office at (541) 938-5597. In Walla Walla County, information is available from the WSU Extension Office at 524-2685.


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