In the minutes - Waitsburg Council


Council members are Leroy Cunningham, Jeff Broom, Kathleen Powers, William Potolicchio and Bart Baxter. Mayor is Markeeta Little Wolf. With all present Wednesday the council:

  • HISTORIC PROPERTIES: Learned the Mary Hubbard House on Fourth Street is on the state historic register but not on the national historic register. Buildings on the national register are required to comply with the comprehensive plan historic preservation overlay. Council decided they could expand the comprehensive plan to include properties on the state register, or remove the Hubbard house from the comp plan. Council decided to send a letter explaining the options and letting the homeowner decide which option to use. Unanimous.
  • WAITS MILL: Discussed mill site clean-up. The historic society will be involved, and will sift through the rubble as it is cleared, putting aside what they think are important items.


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