Table of Contents holds CD release party in Waitsburg


The Table of Contents, a local band, will release its first album with a live concert at 9 p.m. Saturday at jimgermanbar, 119 W. Main St. in Waitsburg.

"Unravel & Return" had 10 songs recorded at Jackpot! studio in Portland and mixed by Mike Coykendall. The songs were written by Karl Michelbach, vocals and guitar, and then recorded and mixed in collaboration with the other two members of the band, Joe Osborne, bass and vocals, and Paul Johnson, drums. Occasionally, Aubrey Scarbrough plays the keyboard for the band, too.

They started recording last May and "Unravel & Return" was ready after three recording sessions, one mixing session and 100 hours of driving between Walla Walla and Portland.

"You can either buy a boat, or make a record. We chose to make a record," Michelbach said about the cost of their project.

"Unravel & Return" is a quote from the fourth song in the record, "Spinning a Tether."

"It seemed to fit the way we were recording the album. We would go to Portland, work there, then come back to Walla Walla reflect and get inspired, and then go back to Portland to work some more," Johnson said.

The debut record was influenced by British Pop bands like The Kings.

"They have edge to them both in style and lyrics," Michelbach said. "They don't mind telling a story. In our texts, when we use a mythical theme in some of the songs, we plug in a modern relationship or perspective. For example the first song tells the myth of Orpheus through his perspective in a rock and roll way. One principle of the band is that we use the calling cards of rock 'n' roll but in original ways."

Some of the other song titles on the record are "A Certain Grace," "Army Killed Elvis" and "Mermaid Kisses."

The producer, Coykendall, just finished working on the new Blitzen Trapper and She & Him albums. He recorded on an old, analog tape machine that pulls out a pop vintage sound.

"It gets us a specific warm, thick sound. And makes us be efficient. When you get close to what you want it to sound like, it's good enough," Johnson said.

"I'd love to have some absinthe while listening to our CD. We put you in a good mood," Osborne said.

"It's not purely background, and not moody," Johnson said. "Perfect for Sunday morning with the whole family. We weren't shy with the bass."

The Table of Contents was formed two years ago by Michelbach and Osborne, who work together for Coffey Communications.

Johnson, a graphic designer, joined them as drummer at the end of 2007.

"There are few event venues here, and that's why not that many bands," Osborne said. The Table of Contents have performed at Barnaby's Open Mic Night, the Corn Roast in Milton-Freewater and jimgermanbar.

The record will be available online at and at Hot Poop. The Web site of the band is


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