LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Give the poor cat a break


"House fire blamed on family cat" was the headline for the house fire Tuesday morning on Second Avenue in Walla Walla.

Wow! How amazing, a cat can iron and then walk away leaving the iron on. The article title would have been a better fit if it read "Family pet lost in house fire."

As unintentional as this fire was, the fact the fire is being blamed on the cat is ridiculous. An iron was left on, probably on the ironing board and the cat only did what cats do, seek high spots to explore. Thankfully no people were harmed in the fire but let's give the poor cat a break and blame the fire on human error.

Hopefully, pet owners will remember it is not only our children we have to protect from home hazards, but our pets as well. Come on U-B, let's put a little more thought into those front-page headlines. Pet lovers are not going to like the house fire one.

Nita Zyph

Walla Walla


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