Etcetera - 03/23/10


The Walla Walla branch of American Association of University Women are grateful for the efforts of those who in contributed to the success of their recent 35th annual book sale fundraiser at the Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center.

"You have proved once again that Walla Wallans are amazing," said AAUW member Kathy Foster.

The mountains of books donated by the community at large enabled the book sale, Kathy said.

Those who patronized the event with their friends and families found great bargains and their "support will provide many deserving women with financial assistance to return to college, complete their education and bring their talents back to the community for all our benefit."

AAUW experienced gracious hospitality from the hotel staff and management.

They enjoyed student volunteers from DeSales Catholic and Walla Walla High schools and myriad contributions from local businesses.

Those efforts are "very important parts of the jigsaw puzzle that is our annual book sale," Kathy said.

One of the most daunting tasks involved in producing the book sale is the very real issue of logistics, she added.

"How do you move thousands of boxes of books from storage to the sale venue and back? You get lucky and meet terrific people with unique skills and resources. Such has been the case for AAUW."

Logistical benefactors have come from Walla Walla Community College.

Steve Harvey, a WWCC Commercial Driving Program instructor, has donated his time and the use of his semi-truck and trailer rig to transport the books. Les Echtenkamp, a WWCC John Deere Program instructor, and students in the John Deere Club have done all the heavy lifting, Kathy said.

Together, they have loaded and unloaded the trailer by hand and have played a big part in getting thousands of boxes of books onto the sale tables and then packed up and back to storage after the sale.

"We can't say enough nice things about their goodwill, professionalism, enthusiasm and hard work."

Kathy added that the branch members dream big, plan and execute.

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