LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - New large recycling containers work well


We have been longtime recyclers. Our little green bin was always filled and put out on the curb on pickup day.

When Walla Walla's new large containers arrived we became a little more diligent about separating out recyclable waste.

What surprised us was just how much we actually acquire and dispose of each week.

Newspapers and junk mail top the list, followed closely by the magazines we've read, home office waste, papers from various community organizations, clean-but used-paper products, empty cereal boxes and other food containers, plastic stuff of all sorts and more.

My guess is it is taking about a third out of what we used to chuck into the landfill.

That's not bad, and, if others are having similar experiences, it will mean added life to the landfill and a growing stream of raw material going into the manufacture and use of new products. That's just good stewardship.

Steven E. Woolley
Walla Walla


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