LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Members of Congress don't listen


I feel so sadden after the debacle of this Sunday afternoon with the Congress of the United States. Our elected officials do not listen to us, "we the people!"

This health-care plan is not for the people who they say it is for, but it is to advance their political career. Nancy Pelosi is the worst type of elected official, she loves the power of speaker of the House and is ruined by that power. It is what she wants, not what is good for the people.

The health-care bill is just the beginning to an adjusted dictator government. You watch. This is not America anymore, our freedoms are being taken away little by little, just like Hitler did to Germany. Watch out, get your head out of the sand.

In my opinion the speaker of the House is like Judas to Jesus. Now remember that is my opinion .... or will that be taken away as well. America is doomed if the Democrats keep going?

We need to remove all of the elected official in Washington, D.C., such as Patty Murray especially. She was on board totally with this disgusting bill ... not for the people, but for the politicians.

I am upset and mad. They did not get the message because they don't listen to us. Make them listen in the voting booth.

Rosey Theressa Swanson
Walla Walla


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