Taser used to stop fight in Walla Walla


WALLA WALLA - A police officer shot two men with a stun gun on Saturday in an attempt to break up a fight.

According to police reports, the men were locked on the ground and punching at each other's faces in front of a residence at 930 W. Birch St. at about 12:50 a.m. on Saturday.

The officer reported he warned the men to stop fighting twice, and on the second warning clearly told them he would use a Taser if they did not stop.

When the two kept fighting, the officer shot the stun gun at both subjects, and within five seconds both men stopped fight and laid on their stomachs, according to the report.

Arrested was Jody Lee Shelton, 45, of 930 W. Birch St. on investigation of a separate domestic violence charge.

Neither Shelton nor the other man were charged in connection with the fighting incident. Both sustained facials wounds due to the fighting, and both refused treatment.


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