LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Rob McKenna is wasting tax dollars


How dare Attorney General Rob McKenna propose to squander taxpayer dollars on a frivolous lawsuit challenging the recently passed health insurance bill! With the ongoing recession, Washington state is in a very difficult financial position, having to make painful decisions about what important programs to cut, maybe in health care or education.

How can it be unconstitutional to require people to have health-care insurance if it is not unconstitutional to require people to have automobile insurance? Provisions are made in the health-care bill to assist those who can not afford health insurance. Any family of four with an income of less than $88,000 would receive assistance on premiums, proportional to their income. A family of four making less than $29,000 would be eligible for Medicaid.

Washington state has been a leader in providing basic-health care for those with low income. By 2014 the health-care bill would relieve the state of much of this burden by providing more federal assistance for insurance for the poor. No longer could anyone be denied health care because of preexisting conditions or have insurance terminated for an illness requiring expensive care.

Who does not have a family members or friends who are unable to afford health insurance, fearing the day they get in a car accident or develop cancer? Who is not afraid of changing jobs or being laid off because of loss of health care coverage? Hospitals, with a mandate to help everyone, insured or not, often lack funding to meet this mandate. They must either increase fees for those who can pay or face closing down.

When Social Security and Medicare were passed, the same objections of undue governmental interference in our lives were made. Who now would give up Social Security or Medicare benefits or want their parents to do so? In five years who will oppose having the security of health care insurance?

The majority of our elected legislators and the governor favor the health-care bill. Rob McKenna was elected to defend the interests of Washington state voters, not to forward his own political agenda.

Beth Call
Walla Walla

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