Edison Big Truck Rally has too much (rain), not enough (trucks)



Edison first-grade teacher Lisa Braddock reads to a full trolley bus of kids, who came in for a story and to duck out of a downpour that was taking place. This was the second time the PTA held the fundraiser in the last three years. They skipped 2009 while the new school was being constructed.


Skylar Casey, 8, is startled after pressing the horn button of a crane that was parked at the second Edison Big Truck Rally on Saturday. Though the total number of big rigs and emergency vehicles was down from 50 to 30 this year, the fun was still plentiful for the children who were allowed to climb on and explore the various vehicles.

WALLA WALLA - After the success of the first Edison Big Truck Rally in 2008, PTA officials held a second rally on Saturday.

This year's fundraiser probably won't raise as much money due to fewer trucks, more rain and less children.

Edison PTA President Jennifer Northam said there were about 30 city, county, college and private trucks, bulldozers, fire engines, cranes and other industrial and emergency rigs, which the children enjoyed climbing in and on. In 2008, the event had about 50 rigs.

"A lot of them told us their insurance wouldn't cover it, and this was a busy (Spring Release) weekend," Northam said.

Missing at the second Edison Big Truck Rally was the Walla Walla County Sheriff's armored vehicle, due to a shortage of staff, and the Walla Walla Army Reserve's tank, which was being repaired, Northam said.

The sporadic rain also kept the numbers of children lower than in 2008. But this year the city included a trolley bus, which was turned into a reading room, and was packed during the downpours.

Another obstacle this year was the new grass, which couldn't handle the excess weight of the behemoth vehicles because of the tender new roots, Northam said.

All in all, the kids who did show up didn't seem to mind the fewer trucks or the colder weather.

"Our goal is to be a family alternative for the Spring Release weekend," Northam added.


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